Figueroa-Herrero Collection
New Artwork 4 Sale by Artists
This is the first folder in the first line of the Gallery. Its the small thumbnail that says 4 Sale in a little post it.

This is a folder where you can find different drawings, paintings, mixed media, photographs and other media artwork from different artists from Puerto Rico, Canada and USA.

Most of the works are small and in the ranges of $100-$400.

The are the ocasional big format which are not many but those are at higher prices.

They only have the name of the artist when you put the cursor on top of the work so you can know who did it. I didnt put any titles, lables or any additional information because it's too much.

But dont be affraid, if you see something you like email me and I will tlak to the artist and we will reach an agreement, talking everybody understands each other. There is no offer small enough if said in the right words.

hope to hear from some of you who are begining to collect. You will be surprised of the prices you can get good stuff for.

all the best and happy shopping.

New Aquisitions August 09
Gabriel Rivera - 3 posters - Educacion Sexual
Cartel Trienal Poligrafica - 6 Carteles varios artistas - 3 sets
Ivan Girona - Got Milk
Sofia Maldonado - Sketch Drawing
Sofia Maldonado - Sketch Drawing - Te Doy Mi Corazon
Sofia Maldonado - Poster on Wood - Panel en la Ponce de Leon
Osvaldo Budet - Oil on Wood - Malcom X
New Aquisitions July 2009
Manuel Alvarez Lezama - Mixed Media Collage - Abstract
Manuel Alvarez Lezama - Ink on Cardboard - Page Marker
Karlo Ibarra - oil on paper - Abstract Painting - Untitled
Aby Ruiz e Ivan Girona - Ink on napkin - expresionaitic surrealism
Sebastian Vallejo - Xilografia - Sensual Jardin Erotico - 6/30
Aby Ruiz - Drawing on Cardboard - El plato en la mesa
Enzo Ruiz - Drawing on paper - Hanged
Aixa Oliveras - Oil on Cardboard - After Rembrandt study
Ivan Girona - Mixed Media Drawing
Ivan Girona - Mixed Media Collage - Mona Lisa
Shepard Fairey - Limited Edition Book with Limited Ed.Serigraph
Bobby Cruz - Acrilic on Canvas - Bicycle
Bobby Cruz - Mixed Media on Paper - Dino
Bobby Cruz - Acrilic on Canvas - Barracuda
Bobby Cruz - Mixed Media on Paper - Tennis Shoe - Fila
Bobby Cruz - Mixed Media on Paper - Tennis Shoe - Nike
Bobby Cruz - Mixed Media on Paper - Tennis Shoe - Nike
Bobby Cruz - Mixed Media on Paper - Tennis Shoe Adidas
Victor Alejandro Fernandez - Drawing on paper
Rafael Tufino - 2 Pava Print Silkscreens/signed
Aslan - Drawing on Paper
Aslan - Drawing on Paper
Aslan - Drawing on Paper
Bik-Ismo - Acrylic Drawing on Cardboard
Marta Perez - 6" Sculpture - Ceramic and Wood
Sheapard Fairey - Paul McCartney - Silkscreen
Sofia Maldonado - Sofia Name Tag - Marker on Paper
New Aquisitions June 2009
List of Artists Names

Here is a list of the artists of whom I have artwork in my collection. I've been trying to find a template that enables me to list the names of the artists but have not found one yet. The list is in order of what you see in the portfolio section. Starting from left to right reading in lines. For example Ivan Girona is the first artist of the first line and Jason Mena is the last of that first line.

If you have any questions or comments or even ideas on how I can get the names out there in an easier way for you to understand I would appreciate the suggestion.

Folder - Ivan Girona
Folder - Aby Ruiz
Folder - Angel Otero Vega
Folder - Omar Velazquez
Folder - Jason Mena
Folder - Admin Torres
Folder - Victor Alejandro Fernandez
Folder - Luis Borrero
Folder - Karlo Ibarra
Folder - Amber Lia Kloppel
Folder - Carlos Santiago
Folder - Nelson Figueroa - NEL
Folder - Pedro Velez
Folder - Emilio Arraiza
Folder - Barbara Diaz-Tapia
Folder - Eliezer Pagan SKE
Folder - Bobby Cruz
Folder - Jonathan Torres
Folder - Edgardo Larregui
Folder - Jose Ortiz - OTS
Folder - Belin
Folder - Juan Negroni
Folder - Sebastian Vallejo
Folder - Gabriela Nieves
Folder - Javier Acosta
Folder - Moises Fragela
Folder - Gamalier Rodriguez
Folder - Mero
Folder - Williams Carmona
Folder - Joshua Santos - Bik - Ismo
Folder - Jose Morales
Folder - Jorge Rito Cordero
Folder - Fabian Detres
Folder - Abdiel Segarra
Folder - Guillermo Figoli
Folder - Guillermo Rosario SEZ
Folder - Roberto Marquez
Folder - Christian Martinez
Folder - Stanley Coll
Folder - Alex Noguera WED
Folder - Rogelio Baez
Folder - Cristopher Rivera
Folder - Jose Gonzalez ELPH
Folder - Rafael Miranda
Folder - Quintin Rivera
Folder - Jose Miguel Rodriguez
Folder - Julianna Maldonado
Folder - Sven Figueroa
Folder - Wilfredo Mercado
Folder - Brian Larosa
Folder - Vincent Diaz Negron
Folder - Baruch Vergara
Folder - Ramon Beltran Miranda
Folder - Celso
Folder - Jesus Bubu Negron
Folder - Ismael Figueroa
Folder - Aixa Olivera
Folder - Efren Candelaria
Folder - Abigail Pantoja
Folder - Sherri Raimundi
Folder - Pedro Hernandez
Folder - Oscar Pardo
Folder - Rosimarie
Folder - Yomar Rosa REK
Folder - Jose Waldy Graziani
Folder - Katsi Ortiz
Folder - Rubinsky Lopatiegui
Folder - Hector Rafael
Folder - Carmen Teresa Olmo
Folder - Rafael Colon
Folder - Luis Torres de la Haba
Folder - Frank Andujar
Folder - Xavier Munoz
Folder - Guillermo Rodriguez
Folder - Hector Hoyos
Folder - Moises Castillo
Folder - Manuel Alvarez Lezama
Folder - Felipe Cuchi
Folder - Priscila Vazquez
Folder - Frances Gallardo
Folder - Jeanette Betancourt
Folder - Jose Raul Ramirez Lopez
Folder - Charles Juhaz Alvarado
Folder - Martha Lahens
Folder - Cecille Molina
Folder - Daniel Lind
Folder - Elias Adasme
Folder - Gavin Sierra
Folder - Peter Gaztambide
Folder - Carlos Suenos
Folder - Erick Sanchez
Folder - Rigoberto Quintana
Folder - W y N
Folder - Roberto Diaz-Cabrera
Folder - Esteban Valentin
Folder - Hector Rodriguez
Folder - Kids Art
Folder - T. Lopez Ramos
Floder - Tonita Hambelton
Folder - M. Negron
Folder - Las Rodriguez
Folder - Lisa Thon
Folder - Giovanna Verni
Folder - Anna Nicholson
Folder - Lisa Ladner
Folder - M. Eroka
Folder - Carmen Mojica
Folder - Cielo Rosado
Folder - Wilmer Colon
Folder - Juan Carlos Bermudo
Folder - Ruben Lucciano SHETO
Folder - Annette Chez
Folder - Romualdo Rivera
Folder - Toni Pere
Folder - Ronald Borges
Folder - E. Mora
Folder - Otto Yrady
Folder - Orlando Castro
Folder - Nilda Rosario
Folder - Miguel Martinez Geigel
Folder - Joabel Ortiz
Folder - Emmanuel Figueroa ZAPS
Folder - Eluard Dobal
Folder - Elizabeth Barreto
Folder - Eduardo Texidor
Folder - David Vargas SKUNK
Folder - Carlos Romaguera
Folder - Augusto Marin
Folder - Antonio Martorell
Folder - Alfonaso Arana
Folder - Antonio Maldonado
Folder - Antonio Marconi
Folder - Carlos Raquel Rivera
Folder - Carmelo Sobrino
Folder - Dennis Mario
Folder - Domingo Garcia
Folder - Eli Barreto
Folder - Fransisco Rodon
Folder - Henry Ortiz
Folder - Irene Delano
Folder - Juan Ramon Velazquez
Folder - John Balossi
Folder - Luis Alonso
Folder - Julio Rosado Del Valle
Folder - Luis German Cajiga
Folder - Jose Rosa
Folder - Lorenzo Homar
Folder - Manuel Hernandez Acevedo
Folder - Marta Perez
Folder - Nelson Sambolin
Folder - Orlando Vallejo
Folder - Oscar Mestey Villamil
Folder - Rafael Rivera Rosa
Folder - Papo Colo
Folder - Ralph De Romero
Folder - Ramon Frade
Folder - Rafael Tufino
Folder - Rafael Rivera Ortiz
Folder - Rafael Trelles
Folder - Wichie Torres
Folder - Alex Paik
Folder - Benito Laren & Nina Dotti
Folder - Bob Kane
Folder - Cosme Provenza
Folder - Carlos Estevez
Folder - Donald Fodness
Folder - Daniel Johnson
Folder - Daniel Alcala
Folder - Erin Murray
Folder - Francesco Clemente
Folder - Gus Fink
Folder - Howard Finsted
Folder - Gregory Euclides
Folder - In-Jae, Sung
Folder - Jose Cosme
Folder - Joshua Hoffine
Folder - Jose Luis Cuevas
Folder - Janelle Wisehart
Folder - Jasmine Beckett-Grifith
Folder - Jessica Hess
Folder - Lilliam Bayley
Folder - Mark Kostabi
Folder - Luis Vidal
Folder - Mr. Brainwash
Folder - Mark Fox
Folder - Omar Rayo
Folder - OTES
Folder - Peter Schmits
Folder - Peter Max
Folder - Quo-Meij
Folder - Roberto Matta
Folder - Ralph Steadman
Folder - Randy Dunham
Folder - Steve Kauffman
Folder - Tom Wilson
Folder - Walter Lantz
Folder - William Tucker
Folder - ZOOM
New Section of Artwork for Sale by the Artists
This is a new way for you to see some artwork from different artists most of whom I have in my personal collection.

There are all kinds of styles and mediums and for all kind of budgets begining from around $100 to $7,000. From begining artist to emarging artist to local masters.

Oils, acrylics, collages, photographs, drawings, sculptures, installations, mixed media, videos, etc...

Just ask and I will gladly email you with whatever answers you need to know on the artists and their works.

All the best and enjoy shopping.
6. New Aquisitions May 2009
Ramon Monchito Beltran - Guerrillero en San Juan
Nel Figueroa - Rey Jirafa
Nel Figueroa - Perro Ciego
Claudio Juarez - Aguafuerte 1970 ed. 15
Lorenzo Homar - Serigrafia Expo Carlos Guzman ed. 10
Marta Perez - Dibujo Perro
Marta Perez - Dibujo
Erin M. Riley - Summer Car Crash 1 - Hand Knitted Wool and Collage
Esteban Gabriel - Canasto de Baloncesto en papel moneda americano
Emilio Arraiza - Stick Figures with Ballons
Jose Ortiz - Callejon y Ropa Tendida - Grabado
Bobby Cruz - Fotografia Escalon
Bobby Cruz - Basketball - Acrilico en Madera
Roberto Marquez - Cara - acrilico sobre madera
Christopher Gonzalez - Fear Box
Joe Leon - 5 Assorted Postcards
Fernando Pintado - 15 Assorted Stickers with MSN Photos and captions
Catherine Matos Olivo - 8 Assorted Postcards from Publica edition 100
Edwin Velazquez Collazo - Fluxus Art-Mail Project
Rafael A. Vargas Bernard - Ticket Rifa Obra Circa 09
Michael Linares - CArtel Invitacion Exposicion Individual en el MAC
Rafael J Miranda - 3 Assorted Postcards - Sponsored by:...
Jose Carlos Martinant - 2 Printed Recipt from Palm Tree Instalation
Natalia Martinez - Lazo para establecer relaciones
Carlos Cruz Diez - 3 Carteles: Paris, Reykiavik, New York, Houston
Enityaset Rodriguez - Primera Edicion, Vol. 1 El Rehen
5. New Acuisitions April 2009
Roberto Marquez - Small face - 2"x 2" - acrylic on wood
Bobby Cruz - Acrylic on Panel - Basketball
Bobby Cruz - Untitled - Photograph
Sheapard Feiry - Obay - Signed Silkscreen
Luis Vidal - Dedicated Drawing in Book, gift from the artist
Carmen Mojica - Obama en San Juan - Photograph
Carmen Mojica - Boy taking a Piss in Queen's NYC - Photograph
Carmen Mojica - Graffiti Series en San Juan - Photograph
Carmen Mojica - La Silla - Photograph
Carmen Mojica - Graffiti en San Juan - Photograph
Carmen Mojica - La Bacardi - Photograph
Carmen Mojica - Graffiti en San Lorenzo - Photograph
Wilfredo Mercado - Untitled - Chickens - Creyon on Paper
Wilfredo Mercado - Untitled - Sunday - Creyon on Paper
Wilfredo Mercado - Untitled - Original Poet - Creyon on Paper
Wilfredo Mercado - Untitled Redman with Bunny - Creyon on Paper
Lisa Ladner - Perspectiva Helada - Photograph ed. 10/20
Stanley Coll - Boy in the Corner - Airbrush
Stanley Coll - Credit Card - Airbrush
Stanley Coll - Picking your Brain - Airbrush
Julio Rosado del Valle - Artist Feet - Charcoal on Paper
Priscilla Vazquez - Self-Portraint with Dog - Photograph
Priscilla Vazquez - Church - Photograph
Vincent Diaz Negron - Abstract Drawing - Ink on Cardboard
Vincent Diaz Negron - Abstract Drawing - Ink on Cardboard
Giovanna Verni - Watercolor - Cat
Aby Ruiz - Portrait Drawing -
Aby Ruiz - Sculpture - Girl Pig - Cement and oil
Emilia Barrientos - Abstract Painting 2"x2"
Angel Otero - Paisaje con Caballo - Drawing on mylar paper
Domingo Garcia - Untitled Drawing
Jason Mena - Printed T-Shirt - It's all lies and bluff
Jason Mena - Printed T-Shirt - Unhappy is a Country in need of heroes
Jason Mena - Printed T-Shirt - Temptation to behave is terrible
Jason Mena - Printed T-Shirt - Anything that has a price is of no value
Rabindranat Diaz - Untitled - Watercolor
Gamalier Rodriguez - Glock .45 - Ink on Paper Drawing
Jesus Bubu Negron - Back Portrait - Alexis - Mixed Media Drawing
Jesus Bubu Negron - Back Portrait - Coral - Mixed Media Drawing
Rafael Tufino - Cartel Serigrafico - La Letra Inicial D - signed
Emilio Arraiza - Drawing - Stick People with Ballons
Emilio Arraiza - Summer Landscapes - Mixed Media on Foam Board
Ivan Girona - Consumicion 2 - Oil on Panel
Garvin Sierra - 3D Kodak View Finder
Garvin Sierra - Etching on Iraq Money
Gregory Euclides - Black Construction Box
Omar Velazquez & Ramon Beltran Miranda - Paper Bag and Concrete
Omar Velazquez - El Impedido - Mixed Media
TRADED - Antonio Martorell - Caja Registradora
4. New Aquisitions March 2009
Sharri Raimundi - Mixed Media on Panel - Raise me and I'll raise you
Sharri Raimundi - Photograph - $1 Barbie
Sherri Raimundi - Mixed Media Drawing
Manuel Alvarez Lezama - Ink on Drawing - Manuel El Canonero
Cristopher Rivera - Granade - Colografia ed.25
Cristopher Rivera - Bullet - Colografia ed.25
Gabriela Nieves - Desnudo
Gabriela Nieves - Diskette
Gabriela Nieves - Siamesas
Gabriela Nieves - El Pez
Javier Acosta - Oil on Canvas - Landscape 2001
Jonathan Torres - Ink on Paper Drawing - Smoking Rooster
Jonathan Torres - Acrylic on Paper Drawing
Bobby Cruz - Acrylic on Broken Skateboard - Crocodrile
Bobby Cruz - Acrylic on Broken Skateboard - Moped
Bobby Cruz - Acrylic on Wood Panel - The Finger
Alex Noguera - Newspaper Collage
Alex Noguera - Printed Sticker Devil of Triki Trake Clothing Line
Alex Noguera - Printed Sticker Bling Bling of TrikiTrake Clothing Line
Jose Estevez - Ink Drawing on Exhibition Postcard
Carlos Santiago - Florero
Ivan Gionra - Oil Painting
Ivan Girona - Linocut - Piclton de Mangle V - 1/25
Ivan Girona - Abstract Ink Drawing
Jose Ortiz - Ink on Paper Mask
Jose Ortiz - 2 Handprinted Gas Masks on Sticker paper
Jose Ortiz - 3 Handprinted cockroaches on sticker paper
Jose Ortiz - Linocut of Bombees
Jaime Jose Rosa - Drawing
Rafael Rivera Rosa - Surreal Drawing
Juan Negroni - Mixed Media - Portrait
Juan Negroni - Drawing - Surreal
Juan Negroni - Drawing - Pollito
Jorge Rito Cordero - Drawing - Sketch for Sculpture
Antonio Martorell - Aquatint - 13/50 - 1991 - Doorknob
Antonio Martorell - Aquatint - 08/50 - 1991 - Channel No. 5
Antonio Martorell - Aquatint - 25/50 - 1991 - Caja Registradora
Antonio Martorell - Aquatint - 28/50 - 1991 - El Caballo Blanco
Antonio Martorell - Aquatint - 10/50 - 1991 - La Caja del Limpiabotas
Antonio Martorell - Aquatint - 10/50 - 1991 - La Maqunia de Coser
Irene Delano - Cartel
Irene Delano - Serigraph
Roberto Marquez - Mixed Media Drawing
Roberto Marquez - Mixed Media Drawing
Roberto Marquez - Color Pencil
Fabian Detres - Gallo Muerto
3. New Additions February 2009
Aby Ruiz - Drawing on Paper - 3" x 3" - Untitled
Barbara Diaz-Tapia - Mixed Media Drawing - Cascaron
Karlo Ibarra - Drawing of Americas in Red Meat Blood (Study for Photo)
Jason Mena - Photograph 8" x 12" edition 3/3 - El Morro Horizon
Jonathan Torres - painting 10"x10"
Jonathan Torres - painting 10"x10"
Jonathan Torres - 1 Drawing
Bobby Cruz - Acrylic on Canvas 8x10
Ivan Girona - Ink Drawing
Joshua Hoffine - 1 Open Edition Photograph
Joshua Hoffine - Limited Edition Photograph #/50 (13"x13")
Joshua Hoffine - Limited Edition Photograph #/50 (13"x13")
2. Welcome to the Figueroa-Herrero Collection
I'm very honored to have you visiting my website. The website consists of the artwok pieces I have gathered since I began collecting in June 2006. I collect art from everywhere not just my Island, I try to have a little something from all the artists I like.

Here you will be able to see all the pieces in my collection and will be introduced to artist mostly from my Island Puerto Rico. If you have interest in any of these artists please contat me at anytime and I will give you the needed information so you can contact them directly.

It is a very divesified collection because I collect any kind or style of artwork. From Surrealism, Abstracts, Realism, Hyper-Realsim, Expressionism, Photography, Etchings, Drawings, Sculptures, Ceramics, Instalations, Serigraphs and others.

Hope you enjoy and if you can please leave me a comment or suggestion, I will answer you.

All the best and hope you enjoy


1. All the first and favorites in my collection:
Firts Paid Painting: Randy Dunham
First Expensive Painting as a serious Collector: Wichie Torres
First Collage: Ivan Girona
First Photography: Jason Mena
First Drawing: Ivan Girona
First Sculpture: Eddie Ferraiouli
First Gift Drawing: Ivan Girona

Favorite Drawing: Jose Morales
Favorite Collage: Ivan Girona
Favorite Painting: Tie: Aby Ruiz, Williams Carmona & Angel Otero
Favorite Artist: Salvador Dali