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Daniel Alcala - Map 3
Daniel Alcala - Map 3
Copper sheet

Saw his artwork at Circa 07 and know he had something special. My budget was tight but the Gallery owner and me made a deal and he sent me the piece by mail from Mexico. Galeria Arroniz is located in Mexico and has great artists including Daniel. They show in various artfair and keep their artists in the public eye.

I loved Daniel's work so much I invited him to participate in my first show at Emporium Peroni on December 2007. My father bought his drawing and loves it.

Later that year Daniel Alcala was selected among the best in Scope NY and sold out all his pieces in Basel (surrounding fairs).

This is a peice I'm very proud of because if I had not bought it when I did I would never would be able to buy a piece of his artwork. My guess is he will become the next great artist from Mexico.